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Discussion Topics

If you need help with your addiction, come see us. We are here for you. 

Below are a few of the teaching and discussion topics which will be shared. Topics will not be limited to those listed, our facilitator will be sensitive to adjust to the needs of each member that may be present at any given meeting:

                    ● What’s your addiction?​

                    ● List benefits of drinking and benefits of not drinking.

                    ● How do we respond to social media, 24-hour news, increase of injustice?​

                    ● Short term pleasure vs. Long-term benefits of sobriety.

                    ● What other things do we binge on?

                    ● What about our sexual behavior?

                    ● Why did we do it?

                    ● How are you coping with not drinking?​

                    ● How did or does Parenting encourage the use of alcohol?

                    ● What patterns do we see repeating?

                    ● How are we doing today with the pressure in the media?

                    ● What patterns do you notice?

                    ● The violence/sex associated with drinking.

                    ● How did violence affect you during your time of drinking?

Contact Us

If you need help, come see us. We are here for you.


211 Warren Street

Warren, NJ



Mr. Joseph Butts




6:30PM - 7:30PM

Starting August 24th, 2023

Refreshments will be served

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